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  • How much does it cost to attend the meeting
    participation is free and at no cost the request is to be proactive in participating in the workshops by bringing topics
  • where it is possible to sleep
    the Arco area offers many accommodations both in camping and in hotels, even in the immediate vicinity of the meeting room
  • why will mixed groups be made between various professionals of various nationalities?
    it is a very useful practice for technical and operational comparison, a few words, activities together and mutual knowledge are worth much more than any presentation
  • how can i support this initiative?
    you can spread it in the world of your professional organization and invite your colleagues to take part in the meeting
  • Cos'è la sezione delle domande frequenti?
    La sezione delle domande frequenti può essere utilizzata per rispondere alle domande più comuni sulla tua attività, ad esempio: "Dove si effettuano le spedizioni?", "Quali sono gli orari di apertura?" o "Come faccio a prenotare un servizio?". Le domande frequenti sono un ottimo modo per aiutare i visitatori a navigare sul sito e possono migliorare la SEO.
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